Retreat KL


About Us

We have never focused on being the biggest. Nor do we believe we are perfect. We prefer to think small. Local. Immersive. If you measure success in room numbers, The Retreat @ KL hasn’t achieved all that much. We are different, that’s why. The Retreat @ KL responds to a contemporary way of travel. That’s what we offer – a lifestyle experience, to explore a foreign place like a local. That ‘lifestyle’ is about shared values, a lust for faraway cultures, for the world around that excites, awaiting to be explored.

At The Retreat @ KL we have discovered there is an alternate path. That it is a concept which offers guests more personal accommodation options and an overall more authentic holiday experience. Our goal is to provide an accessible, affordable alternative to hotels, with a strong focus on quality and value-for-money. That being small is good for us as well as guests. That less is more. It is after all the expression of gratitude that we receive from all of our guests is what makes hosting YOU one of the best parts of our daily life.

Come journey with us. . . . . . .